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On Friday, October 13, 1307, scores of French Templars were arrested, including the order’s grand master Jacques de Molay.

Many of the knights were brutally tortured until they confessed to false charges, which included heresy, homosexuality, financial corruption, devil-worshipping, fraud, spitting on the cross and more.

A few years later, dozens of Templars were burned at the stake in Paris for their confessions. De Molay was executed in 1314.

Under pressure from King Philip, Pope Clement V reluctantly dissolved the Knights Templar in 1312. The group’s property and monetary assets were given to a rival order, the Knights Hospitallers. However, it’s thought by some that King Philip and King Edward II of England seized most of the Knights Templar’s wealth. #Knights Templar Rings, #Knights Templar, #Masonic Rings, #Mason Ring, #Blue Lodge Masonic Ring

The Fall of the Knights Templar

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The Crusades were turned around in the late 12th century when Muslim troops recaptured Jerusalem, necessitating multiple relocations for the Knights Templar. The final Crusader haven in the Holy Land was destroyed in 1291 with the Fall of Acre.
Over the ensuing decades, European support for the military operations in the Holy Land started to decline. In addition, a growing number of secular and religious authorities criticized the wealth and influence of the Templars.
The Knights Templar established a base of operations in Paris by 1303, having lost all of their influence in the Muslim world by then. There, probably as a result of the Templars denying the indebted king more rights, King Philip IV of France decided to dismantle the order.


Though its original purpose was to protect pilgrims from danger, the Knights Templar progressively expanded its duties. They became defenders of the Crusader states in the Holy Land and were known as brave, highly skilled warriors.

The group developed a reputation as fierce fighters during the Crusades, driven by religious fervor and forbidden from retreating unless significantly outnumbered.

The Templars built numerous castles and fought—and often won—battles against Islamic armies. Their fearless style of fighting became a model for other military orders. #Knights Templar Rings, #Knights Templar, #Masonic Rings


The Knights Templars at Work

The Knights Templar set up a prosperous network of banks and gained enormous financial influence. Their banking system allowed religious pilgrims to deposit assets in their home countries and withdraw funds in the Holy Land.

The order became known for its austere code of conduct (which included no pointy shoes and no kissing their mothers, rules outlined in “The Rule of the Templars”) and signature style of dress, which featured a white habit emblazoned with a simple red cross.

Members swore an oath of poverty, chastity and obedience. They weren’t allowed to drink, gamble or swear. Prayer was essential to their daily life, and the Templars expressed particular adoration for the mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary.

As the Knights Templar grew in size and status, it established new chapters throughout Western Europe. At the height of their influence, the Templars boasted a sizable fleet of ships, owned the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, and served as a primary bank and lending institution to European monarchs and nobles. #Knights Templar, #Masonic Rings, #Blue Lodge Masonic Ring,# Freemason Ring


Some ecclesiastical authorities initially criticized the Knights Templar. However, in 1129, the group got support from eminent French abbot Bernard of Clairvaux as well as the official endorsement of the Catholic Church. “In Praise of the New Knighthood,” written by Bernard, extolled the virtues of the Knights Templar and provided support for their expansion.
Pope Innocent II granted the Knights Templar unique privileges in 1139 through a Papal Bull. Among these were the Templars, who were free from taxation, allowed to erect their own cathedrals, and subject to the Pope’s authority alone. #Knights Templar Rings, #Masonic Rings, #Blue Lodge Masonic Ring, #Knights Templar

During the Middle Ages, the Knights Templar were a vast order of pious Christians who undertook a crucial task: protecting European visitors to the Holy Land while simultaneously engaging in military actions. Stories about the Knights Templar, a wealthy, influential, and enigmatic order that has captivated the public and historians for centuries, are still prevalent in modern culture. They are known for their military skill, financial savvy, and role in advancing Christianity during the Crusades. #Knights Templar, #masonic rings, #Blue Lodge Masonic Ring, #Knights Templar

Symbols of Freemasonry

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Masonic Jewelry displays various symbols related to Freemasonry. Some of the most common symbols on Masonic Rings are:

Square and Compasses: the universal emblem of Freemasonry, representing morality and science.

Letter G: stands for geometry or God, the Grand Architect of the Universe.

The All-Seeing Eye: symbolizes God’s omniscience and providence, watching over the actions of the Masons.

Sunburst: represents enlightenment and knowledge.

The Dove and Urn: signifies peace and immortality.

Masonic Rings by Fox Jewelry would love your feedback, Please leave us a review.

Masonic rings by Fox Jewelry would love your feedback, Please leave us a review.

For those who are considering becoming a Freemason, you may wish to take it a step further and discuss with 10 requirements you want to “assess” until you.

Before checking the requirements I would like to tell you that there is no need to having a big social status. You can start at the bottom and earn more. There are many things to consider but we are not allowed to discuss here, you will get these while doing masonic degrees.

Here are the requirements that are necessary to become a Freemason:

You must believe in a higher power

In the middle ages, Freemasonry was confined to Christianity. As the craft evolved and travels to various areas of the earth became extensive, Freemason gradually opened its doors into accommodating people from different religions.

Therefore, belief in a supreme being cuts across different denominations and spiritual backgrounds. Masons now believe that even though there’s only one God, folks can employ many techniques to seek Him.

Have attained the required legal age

This changes from one jurisdiction to another. Generally, it ranges in the ages of 18-25 decades. As an example, the United Lodge of England’s minimum age requirement is 21 years.

Nevertheless, a lodge can interest a Grand Lodge to start someone under the age. This is normal in university lodges where it is ordinary to initiate members below 18 years with the dispensation.

Have the recommendation of at least two Freemasons

For one to submit a petition to join the craft at a particular lodge, must get approval from two present members. They should be part of the lodge you’re petitioning to.  

Before obtaining a request, a person should also ask an associate to guarantor his or her application. It’s possible to connect with present members on different online platforms.

Have a combination of your freewill and harmony

Freemason prohibits present members from inviting outsiders to the craft. 

A father cannot speak to his son regarding linking the craft. The same applies to uncles, grandfathers, and other relatives in general.

Ability to support yourself and family or loved ones 

Freemasons are not worried about someone’s wealth and social status. The brotherhood publicly welcomes everyone. Now you should be clear about the fact that you must have this ability to support yourself as well as the people around you, the people you are in relation with, and all the people you are concerned for. 

There is No gender restriction 

Freemason was restricted to men earlier but today both men and women are initiated into the craft. The very first women apprentices were initiated on 14 March 1893.

The best thing is that male and female lodges coexist separately.

Now the LGBTQ community is rising due to the participation of both genders so lodges make its policies more inclusive. There are some lodges that are open for people who have experienced gender relocation procedures.

The United Grand Lodge of England published its first sex reassignment policy in 2018. This policy is directly according to the Equality Act of 2010 and the Gender Recognition Act of 2004.

So this policy has opened the doors to the transgender community. This policy further explains that if someone stops to be a man after getting a Freemason, he also has the right to remain a member of the Lodges.

Moreover, the policy exposes that a member should avoid questions about their gender. Keep one thing in your mind that these policies are applied to all specific lodges across the world.

This is the best thing to happen in regards to Freemasonry, that now there is no restriction of gender to be a part of Freemasonry

Should grant to moral standards

As I mentioned that Freemasonry is based on the significance of high ethical values. Morality is one of the most important value that what is deemed wrong or right.

The craft’s instructions on morality are quite inclusive. While joining Freemasonry, participants have to be getting training on principles relating to individual and honor civility.

The Freemasons always hold moral values, care for others, and avoid engaging with uncivilized behavior.

The Lodge considers that morality provides abased to the understanding of one another. It shows kindness, goodwill, concern, and charity and appropriate actions as per the Masonry criteria.

Now that you are considering to be a freemason, you need to get the training on the basic principles of Freemasonry. Where you will have to hold care for others, moral values and you also will have to take care of the fact that you are not a part of any kind of uncivilized behavior. 

No need for any Mercenary Motive

If people have some unacceptable and unparalleled motives then cannot connect with the craft. This rule also valid for those who have bad behavior and attitude with his family and close relatives. Freemasonry nor help to get you from criminal pursuits neither it provides a networking arena.

If anyone has an urge to associate the craft must arise from the original place in oneself. This conclusion shouldn’t be considered by anyone at all.

The members of Freemasonry are usually asked a few questions to judge and reconsider their purpose to be part of their craft. If you have any mercenary motive and you would be caught then your application will deny.

For the people who are ambitious Freemason, it’s also sensible to have a fresh record. As we know that all crimes are not the same so it’s perfect to be fair and requests that the Lodge you wish to join.

Ability to follow rules or Ought to be a rule follower

If we talk about the rules for Freemasonry then keep one thing in your mind that Freemasonry has different rules in different situations. So it is distinguished by frequent rules. Members of the Lodge should obey all the rules.

 Let me explain it by an example:

Suppose you are a member of the Lodge and you talk about the activities of the craft to the outsider then you will bane according to the rules. No single member is allowed not to go over any political connection in a Lodge etc.

There are rules that are there to employ to align the Masons to the requirements, if a person is not able to follow the rules then he will not be able to fit in the place to be a Freemason. So, it is clear as a bell, that specific rules are to be followed if you want to be a freemason otherwise you will not be able to be a part. 

There is a great misconception about Freemasonry that the people who are practicing Freemasonry or are a part of it have these demonic rituals and these people are involved in some terrible activities. Now, there is no truth in this as Freemasonry is a lot more different than how people perceive it to be, it is all about brotherhood, values, and to help each other. 

Have a Favorable opinion

This is the last thing to possess to be a freemason is to have a favorable opinion about certain things. You should have it before joining Freemasonry, as there are impacts that you must be causing and you need be prepared for it. 

Do not just do it out of curiosity or you just want to know about certain things that what is happening behind the doors. You should think over it that do you fit in right as per the requirements mentioned above, if yes then you can just go for it, otherwise, you should be revising your decision.

So, this was all about what requirements you should be looking for when you are considering to joining Freemasonry. 

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Not only do many fraternal organizations adhere to the founding ideal, but many also carry out charity or community service projects. With almost 6 million members, the Freemasons are considered the greatest fraternal group in the world; the Elks Club comes in second with one million members. #masonicrings #masonring #bluelodgering 712-251-8053

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It can be said that Adam’s initial goals were well-intentioned as he wanted to create an egalitarian and rational society based on the principle of justice. With a closer inspection, you can find the reason why the myth that freemasons are Illuminati may have come into being due to flirtations of Adam Weishaupt with Freemasonry.

Adam was initiated into the Masonic Lodge “Theodor zum guten Rath“, at Munich in 1777.

He used his Masonic membership to gain new recruits for his own secret society, which was in many aspects modeled on the much older Freemasonry. #masonicrings #masonring #bluelodgemasonicring #3rddegreering #lodgering 712-251-8053 [email protected]

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