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The Teachings of Freemasonry

Author: Ringmaster


The teachings of Freemasonry are conveyed in several ways.  The primary Masonic way of teaching method is ritual.  Freemasons are usually unwilling to reveal the contents of ritual to non-Masons.   The words in Masonic ritual are controlled very closely by the Grand Lodge in whose jurisdiction the ritual is performed. The Masonic Ring with its Compass and Square is a symbol of Freemasonry.


Blue Lodge Master Mason Ring

Within Freemasonry, the color blue is a symbol of universal friendship and benevolence, as it is the color of the vault of heaven. Blue is the only color other than white which should be used in a Master’s Lodge for decorations. Within the Blue Lodge are conferred the Craft Degrees.  These Masonic rituals represent three degrees which are taken in sequence.  First, the Entered Apprentice Degree, second, the Fellow Craft Degree and finally, the Master Mason Degree. Once a candidate reaches the status of Master Mason, he is entitled to wear the Master Mason Masonic Ring such as the ones found at Fox Jewelry.