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KT SkullKnights Templar Rings 10K or 14K Gold, Open or Solid Back #1510This article was written by Michael Fox, owner of Fox Jewelry, a business dedicated to the sale of Masonic Rings, Freemason Rings, Masonic accessories and other fraternal jewelry. Fox Jewelry offers the largest selection of Masonic Rings and other Masonic Jewelry anywhere.

In York Rite Masonry, the keystone is one of its more significant symbols. It is the wedge shaped stone at the top of the apex of the mason’s archway lending support to the arch itself. Without the keystone, the archway would crumble. Although the archway itself cannot exist without the keystone, the keystone experience less stress that any other part of the archway as it typically marks the center or apex of the archway. The keystone allows the builders to incorporate other structures such as doorways and windows into the building without jeopardizing the strength of the building. In completing the arch, the keystone is placed last, symbolically creating the arch created by the pillars of Boaz and Joachim.  Its significance is known as the “emblem of completion”.   In astrology the keystone represents the summer solstice as the sun enters the sign of Cancer at the highest point in the northern sky. In Masonry, Hiram is known to be the founder of the keystone. The letters that are inscribed on the keystone are indicative of the coded phrase to mean “Hiram the Widows Son Sent to King Solomon”

It is quite common to find the emblem of the Keystone on a Knights Templar Ring as shown in the picture above.

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masonic ringThe rings I have in my personal collection all have different meanings. For example, my graduation ring is beautiful with emerald green, and it represents my school. It helps me recall the memories of my youth, both the good and the bad. But I also have rings that have been passed down for generations, such as ones that are Masonic. Those ones are extra special, because they have a lot of history.

To begin with, my father’s father was a very involved Mason. He did a lot of great things for the community. My father admired that, but he never got quite as involved as my grandfather did. He had other things on his mind at the time, such as my mother. So when the Masonic rings got passed down to me, it was a big deal to me. Those were my grandfather’s most prized possessions, and he thought I should have them.

So to this day, I keep those rings in a protective display box for safekeeping. They’re displayed in the main room of my house, near the other rings I’ve collected over time. They’re definitely the centerpiece of the room, because masonic rings have a certain grandeur that really shines.

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