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masonic ringWhen I started to look into the idea of getting a ring to symbolize my membership in the mason organization, I was surprised by just how many different rings were available to me. It was really shocking to me that I had all of these choices to look at. I felt strange seeing all of the different types of rings that could potentially be mine since I knew it was a big choice to make.

Of course the first thing that I had to consider was the material that each of these rings were made out of. I wanted something that would be long lasting and beautiful for many years to come. I thought of getting silver or gold rings, but I really wasn’t sure which kind of ring might be better for me to have for a long time.

I eventually decided that I just preferred the gold masonic rings to any of the other types of rings that I could choose from. I bought a smaller ring that was relatively simple compared to many of the rings that other people that I know have. I feel like this ring is one that looks really nice and it doesn’t draw too much attention.

This article was written bark of the covenant2y Michael Fox, owner of Fox Jewelry, a business dedicated to the sale
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At God’s command, the Ark of the Covenant was constructed by Moses and Bezalel to be a sacred chest. It was made of Acacia wood.  Its length was two and a half cubits, by one and a half cubits wide and a half cubit tall. A cubit was an Egyptian form of measurement that was roughly the length of a man’s forearm from the length of the middle finger to the end of the elbow or about 24 inches. It was overlaid inside and out with pure gold. On its lid, were two gold cherubim that represented God’s glory.

Contained within the Ark were these 5 items:

  1. A golden pot that was filled with Manna. Known as the “Bread from Heaven”; it is the bread that was given to the Israelis by God when they were in the desert after escaping from Egypt and fed the Israelis for 40 years. The golden pot of Manna signifies eternal life.
  2. Aaron’s rod which was a sign of God’s choice of Aaron as priest and was symbolic of God’s sovereignty. The rod, when in the hands of Aaron, the high priest was endowed with miraculous powers.
  3. The Ten Commandments. God spoke to Moses whereby he engraved the Ten Commandments upon two stone tablets.

The Ark; said to be God’s footstool, was where he rested his feet when in the presence of the holiest of holies. After the Israelis deserted Egypt, the Ark was carried through the desert until it finally came to rest in a temple built especially to house the Ark, King Solomon’s Temple.

Many scholars still believe that the Ark of the Covenant resides somewhere in a room under the Temple Mount.  Some believe that the Ark was found and carried away to Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzar’s armies and was destroyed.

Much time has been spent learning about King Solomon’s Temple but it was originally built to be the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant.

In Freemasonry, the lodge room is symbolic of the King Solomon’s Temple. We cannot forget why Solomon’s Temple was built.  King David had a perfectly fine place to live but it was God who had stood with him throughout his battles and helped to make him victorious just as God walks with each one of us.  It was for this reason the Temple was built and it was to be the home of the Ark of the Covenant.

We cannot forget that while Freemasonry makes good men better, this comes from following the teachings of God and his Ten Commandments. The light which emanates from the Ark of the Covenant is basic to the teachings and beliefs of Freemasonry and its foundations. Just as the spirit of a Freemason is housed within his own body the Ark of the Covenant and the light that radiates from it is within Solomon’s Temple.

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ring for freemasonsI like to consider myself a fashionable person. While some other guys out there might not think about what they grab from their closets and put on every day, I think looking nice is important. There are some things that just don’t go well together, and people should know what those things are. On the other hand, there are a lot of combinations out there that look great.

For example, I like wearing my Freemasons ring with my nice suit. It really helps give off that regal vibe I like to look for. It looks super nice, and it really says that I’m a dapper person when I wear it. Wearing my navy blue suit with this ring really gives off a good feeling. The silver really shines when I wear it with a suit.

Sometimes though, I don’t feel like wearing a suit. There are times when pairing the ring with a nice shirt or a cardigan is just as good. I think the suit stands out the most, but sometimes you really want to blend in. Getting that look down can be tricky at first, but I think I’m great at it. When I wear my Freemasons ring in an outfit, it really looks superb.


masonic ringEven though my father has been a freemason for a while, he has not actually bothered with getting any of the different jewelry items that many of his fellow masons wear. It isn’t that he doesn’t want any of these items, he just worries about spending the money on jewelry when my mother has so many problems with her health.

I feel bad that he doesn’t yet have any kind of jewelry to symbolize his connection to the society since I know that it really does matter to him. For this reason, I have been looking into the idea of getting one of these items of jewelry myself. I just feel so bad that he doesn’t have something that he can wear to show his connection to the society.

I have been looking at many different types of masonic rings so that I can find ones that I know he will like. I have seen many different types of rings that are made from different materials and are unique from each other. I feel that it would be best for me to be able to find some type of a ring that would be simple since this would look best on his hand.


masonic jewelryIt’s always great to tell people I’m a Mason. I’m really proud to be one, because people in my family were Masons, too. It’s like continuing the family tradition, which is a positive thing. My dad is a Mason, and his dad was, too. I think my uncle was a Mason, and might still be one. I think my mother’s dad was also a Mason, too. Nonetheless, we have a lot of Masons in my family tree.

I’m just so glad that I can continue the tradition, even though times have changed a lot. Back when the Masons started, we didn’t have all this technology, and we had a very different mindset as humans. It’s amazing to see that an organization like this has been around for so long. It has really survived the test of time, that’s for sure.

So when I look at my Masonic jewelry, I’m really reminded of that fact. The Freemasons were such a huge part of the community, and even though time has passed, they’re still around. I’m so happy to be a part of it in this day and age. It really gives me a sense of community when I go to the meetings, which is a great feeling.


freemasons ringI’ve always been a friend of the Freemasons. I was once a part of the group, as well. Back then, I really enjoyed going to gatherings and helping the community flourish. We really did a lot of great things back then. But now, I have chosen a different path in my life. But I still wear the special ring I got from the Freemasons all the way back then.

When I wear my Freemasons ring, all the memories come flooding back. Those were good times, and I’m really glad my Masons community is still very active in my town. They really do a lot of good for the town, and always have. I wear my ring as a reminder of that fact. I really like starting at it as it shines in the sun. It really is a unique and stunning ring

Someday, maybe I’ll be a part of the community again. I really did enjoy my time with the Freemasons, and I met a lot of valuable friends there. Some of those people are still in my life, and I treasure them dearly. It’s always a joy when I see them wandering around town, because I always like chatting them up. And when they notice the Freemasons ring on my finger, they always smile.