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10KT or 14KT Gold?

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I have been asked the difference many times regarding 10KT and 14KT gold. All of the Masonic Rings  or other fraternal jewelry on my site:  can be made of either 10KT or 14KT gold.  Many of them can be made out of either yellow or white gold. I will do my best to explain the difference. First of all, pure gold is 24Kt.  As you progress down the scale from 18Kt to 14Kt to 1oKT, the amount of gold in the ring is reduced. It won’t make much difference in the weight of the ring because other alloys are mixed with the higher concentrations of gold to reduce the amount of pure gold in the final product. 18KT is going to be a bit brighter than 14KT and 14Kt gold is going to bit a bit brighter than 10KT gold.  Lower gold content will also mean that the ring might be a bit less resistant to scratches and dents because the final product contains other alloys that are harder than gold.

If you have any additional questions, please email them to me at: [email protected].

What is Masonry

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Masonry is one of the oldest fraternities in the world.  More than likely it began in the middle ages when the stone masons formed a guild when building the castles and cathedrals thruout the world.  They were first officially recognized as a fraternity in 1717 when the first Grand Lodge of England was formed. In the United States, there is a Grand Lodge in each state. Within each state, there are several lodges located within many cities. They are known as a Lodge or Masonic lodge. Sometimes they are referred to as the Blue Lodge. After 1717 Masonry spead quickly to America. Many of our founding Fathers were Masons; George Washington to name one. A picture of his Apron and explanation of the emblems on his Apron are on this page: Many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Masons. Masons and Masonry played an important part in the Revolutionary War.

Gothic Masonic Rings

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I am continually asked by my customers, who is the best fraternal ring manufacturer in the business?  Without a doubt; in so far as quality and customer service, I would highly recommend the fraternal rings produced by Gothic. In my opinion Gothic is the best of the best. Masonic rings, Masonic Jewelry, Past Master Rings, Scottish Rite Rings, Eastern Star, Knights of Columbus; Gothic makes them all. Gothic allows Fox Jewelry to stand behind their product. There are a limited number of online businesses that are allowed to sell their products. I am proud to say that Fox Jewelry is one of them.To the best of my knowledge, Fox Jewelry is the only online business that allows you to build your own custom Masonic Ring.

Masonic Rings-Significance in the color of stones on a Masonic Ring

Is there any significance in the different color stones (Red, Blue and Black)when used in the Blue Lodge Masonic Rings?While there may not be as many versions of the Masonic ring as there are Masonic lapel pins, there are several, most notably the square and compasses and the so-called Tubal-Cain sign. The ring can be found crafted from many materials and the Masonic symbols have been placed on stones, or artificial replicas of stones, that are red, blue and black. Some of the myths surrounding these rings are that the red setting indicates a brother under the Grand Lodge of Scotland, while the blue setting is for those lodges that evolved from the United Grand Lodges of England. The black is just accepted. I have never heard anyone try to associate it with Prince Hall Masonry or lodges that are predominately comprised of Black brethren such as Equity #106, on the Register of the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia.

Phoenixmasonry Masonic Museum

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Masonic Rings

One of the finest sites that I have found on the internet dealing with the history of Freemasonry in the United States is known as the Phoenixmasonry Masonic Museum.

There are many items of interest in the online museum but one of the items that I find most interesting is the Secret Masonic Ring. I found a similar Masonic Ring on Fox Jewelry’s site.  The Masonic Ring shown on this site is the Masonic Flip Ring It is similar to the one shown in the Phoenixmasonry Masonic Museum. In that particular time of history there were times when the members of Freemasonry might not want their association to the brotherhood be known to other people.

Masonic Blue Lodge Ring

The consensus is that if a Blue Lodge Ring is worn to advise those who see it that the wearer is a Master Mason, the tips of the compasses should be pointed towards the tips of the fingers. If the ring is worn to remind the wearer that he is a Master Mason, the ring should be worn with the tips of the compasses pointed cbd products him. The choice is yours to make!