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After spending a bit of time looking for some different kinds of masonic items that I might be able to wear on a regular basis, I worried a bit that I might not be able to find something that would be something that I would really enjoy wearing on a regular basis. With so many different kinds of items available, finding something for me still seemed difficult.

What I realized as I continued to search for some different items that I might be able to use was that there were a lot of wonderful pieces of jewelry such as my rings from the Engagement Rings Shop that would make it so that I really could show off my personal style. I could find masonic jewelry that came in a range of different options overall. It was exciting to be able to find the right kinds of rings on stores like Gema & CO and other items for my engagement, which work with my engagement ring from These designs that they offer are simple, traditional yet contemporary which works well with everything. This has enabled to have endless opportunities and looks on my wedding. You can learn more about silver earrings online.

As I looked at different styles of jewelry, I was able to actually take a good amount of time to look at all of the excellent pieces of jewelry that were available. Finding antique jewelry for sale that would work for me was surprisingly easy after I opened myself up to the possibility that there were items out there.

2 freemasons ringI think being a part of the Masons is a great thing. It really helps give me a sense of belonging and a sense of community. I can always count on them, and they can always count on me. I like that I can be a part of a community like that. While I was a bit of a loner when I was younger, I just didn’t understand how important community was for me until I joined the Freemasons.

What’s also great about when I joined is the members gifted me a ring to show how tightly knit we are. The Freemasons ring they gave me actually has gold in it, and it shows that I really mean a lot to them. The sense of belonging is definitely there when I have these guys to hang around. I also like that we can have our own meetings, plan our goals out, and just do whatever we can to make the community a better place.

So as a Freemason, I wear my ring every day. I think it’s something that’s really special to me. I’m reminded of the big change I went through when I joined the Masons, as I was pretty lonely before that. But luckily for me, I put a foot forward and joined this group for the better.


diversity and friendshipI have been a member of a fraternity for a long time. This is a very large fraternity and I enjoy wearing rings that represent my membership and commitment. These are fraternal rings that I wear proudly every day. They represent all that I have been through with my brothers and sisters and my whole journey so far.

Rings and other jewelry are a great way to be inspired every day and to remember all of the people that are there for you. I love wearing my rings that represent my fraternity and I love looking at them to give me inspiration every day. I have several masonic rings and they are all of very high quality.

My fraternal rings are perfect when I need some inspiration or when I am going through a difficult time. I can remember my fraternity and all of my committed brothers and sisters. My rings are very eye-catching and they are perfect to be able to look at and find hope and inspiration every day. I am excited to be able to add some more of these rings to my collection in the future and I enjoy getting them for other people as well.

freemason jewelryBeing a member of the freemasons is something that is a really huge part of my life. Because of this, when I started to look for some items that would signify my membership as a part of this organization, I was sure to spend a bit of time looking for different jewelry items that would last a long time. I wanted whatever I chose to serve not only me, but generations to come.

It was really great being able to go online where there was a huge selection of fantastic types of masonic items that I could choose from. I was able to go online and look at so many different pieces of masonic jewelry that I knew would make a big change in my life. So many of these items were so beautiful and really did look great on the whole.

After a lot of looking for this jewelry, I eventually ended up picking out some great jewelry that I could use on a regular basis, while I also saw some great engagement rings at the randor site online. I chose a lovely ring that was made of metals that I knew would last a very long time. With the right kind of a ring on my hand, I would be able to really enjoy showing of my membership to this organization.

10KT or 14KT Gold?

Author: Ringmaster


I have been asked the difference many times regarding 10KT and 14KT gold. All of the Masonic Rings  or other fraternal jewelry on my site:  can be made of either 10KT or 14KT gold.  Many of them can be made out of either yellow or white gold. I will do my best to explain the difference. First of all, pure gold is 24Kt.  As you progress down the scale from 18Kt to 14Kt to 1oKT, the amount of gold in the ring is reduced. It won’t make much difference in the weight of the ring because other alloys are mixed with the higher concentrations of gold to reduce the amount of pure gold in the final product. 18KT is going to be a bit brighter than 14KT and 14Kt gold is going to bit a bit brighter than 10KT gold.  Lower gold content will also mean that the ring might be a bit less resistant to scratches and dents because the final product contains other alloys that are harder than gold.

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