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10KT or 14KT Gold?

Author: Ringmaster


I have been asked the difference many times regarding 10KT and 14KT gold. All of the Masonic Rings  or other fraternal jewelry on my site:  can be made of either 10KT or 14KT gold.  Many of them can be made out of either yellow or white gold. I will do my best to explain the difference. First of all, pure gold is 24Kt.  As you progress down the scale from 18Kt to 14Kt to 1oKT, the amount of gold in the ring is reduced. It won’t make much difference in the weight of the ring because other alloys are mixed with the higher concentrations of gold to reduce the amount of pure gold in the final product. 18KT is going to be a bit brighter than 14KT and 14Kt gold is going to bit a bit brighter than 10KT gold.  Lower gold content will also mean that the ring might be a bit less resistant to scratches and dents because the final product contains other alloys that are harder than gold.

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