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Could it be that the pit may have been dug by exiled Knights Templar; that it is possibly the last resting place of the Holy Grail or even the Holy Ark of the Covenant? There also may be a Templar tomb on the island. There is a legend that “seven must die before the legend is uncovered”


Oak Island is a 140-acre island in Lunenburg County on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. It is one of about 360 small islands in Mahoney Bay and rises to a maximum of 36 feet above sea level. Oak Island is well known as the location of the so-called “Money Pit” and the site of over 200 years of exploration and treasure hunting.

There are numerous 19thCentury accounts of the mysteries of Oak Island. Physical evidence from the first excavations are absent or have long been lost. An explanation of the origins of the pit on Oak Island are as discussed below: In 1795, 18 year old Daniel McGinnis, observed lights coming from the island and discovered a circular depression within a clearing located on the southeastern end of the island. Next to the depression was a tree with a tackle block hanging from one of its branches.        McGinnis, with the help of his friends John Smith and Anthony Vaughan, excavated the depression and discovered a layer of flagstone just a few feet below. On the pit walls     there were clearly visible markings from a pick. When the two dug down they found layers of logs at about every 10 feet. They abandoned the excavation at 30 feet.
This initial discovery and excavation was initially briefly mentioned in print in the Transcript in October 1856. A more complete account followed, again in the Liverpool Transcript by a Justice of the Peace in Chester, Nova Scotia. About eight years after the 1795 dig, another company examined what was to become referred to as the “Money Pit”.  The Onslow Company sailed 300 nautical miles from central Nova Scotia near Oak Island with the goal and purpose recovering what they viewed as secret treasure. They continued the excavation all the way down to approximately 90 feet and found layers of logs or “marks” approximately every ten feet and layers of coconut fiber, charcoal and putty at 40, 50 and 60 feet. According to perhaps one of the earliest written accounts, at 80 and 90 feet, they recovered a large stone bearing an inscription of symbols. Several researchers apparently attempted to decipher
the symbols. One translated them as saying: “forty feet below, two million pounds of sterling lie buried.” The symbols currently associated with the “forty feet down…” translation and seen in several books first appeared in True Tales of Buried Treasure,   which was written by explorer and historian Edward Rowe Snow in 1951. In his book, he states he was given this set of symbols by Reverend A.T. Kempton of Cambridge Massachusetts. Nothing more is known about Kempton’s involvement in the Oak Island      tale. The pit subsequently flooded up to the 33 foot level. Bailing did not reduce the water level, and the excavation was abandoned.
Investors formed The Truro Company in 1849, which re- excavated the shaft back down to the 86 feet level, where it flooded again. They then drilled into the ground below the bottom of the shaft. As stated by the nineteenth century account, the drill or “pod auger” passed through a platform at 98 feet  a 12- inch head space, 22 inches of which was considered as “metal in pieces”, 8 inches of oak, another 22 inches of metal, 4 inches of another spruce layer, and finally into clay for 7 feet without striking anything else.


Please catch us next week for additional information as we delve into the mystery of Oak Island.



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