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masonic ringThere are various masonic rings out there and the one that is most precious to me is my Knights Templar ring. I chose this ring after choosing to join the York rite. I have been able to wear this masonic ring ever since I chose to become a Knights Templar. The Knights Templar is part of the York Rite and I wear my ring proudly.

I have enjoyed being a Knights Templar and I look back on my journey every time I take in the beauty of my masonic ring. The ring is made of gold and features red and gold colors that look brilliant. I have a few other masonic rings besides this one and they are all part of my amazing journey.



freemasons ringI have a wonderful freemasons ring that I have bought recently and it shows my rank and affiliations in freemasonry. I have moved through some of the different rankings swiftly and have earned my freemasons ring. I love the stunning colors on it and that I can wear it on any occasion.

The ring that I have is an antique piece that gives me classic style. The ring signifies that I have held the rank of Master of my lodge. My ring is stunning and it was hard to find a ring that’s as beautiful as this one. I love wearing this high-end freemasons ring and showing my standing in freemasonry. Want to buy antique jewelry like this? Look up antique jewelry for sale online and see some pieces.


masonic jewelry I like to wear masonic jewelry often and the symbols that are on the jewelry are why these jewelry pieces mean so much to me. The symbols on my masonic jewelry signify brotherhood that’s universal. Freemasonry is about having brotherhood and that’s what it teaches. I have embraced the concept of brotherhood and want to show that whenever I can.

My jewelry symbols show everyone what I am about and that’s why I love wearing all of my jewelry each and every day. The jewelry that I have is always worn with pride and I want people to ask me what the symbols are all about so that I can tell them. There are lots of different symbols with different meanings on masonic jewelry but they all show great brotherhood.



masonic symbolIt’s awesome to be able to have a good piece of jewelry that shows my freemason pride. I have lots of unique masonic jewelry pieces that complete my look for any occasion. My favorite piece is a pendant necklace that I got recently that shows the freemason symbol. It stands for everything that I believe in.

I look to my jewelry to give me inspiration every day. It’s nice to be able to have something that reminds me of what I believe in. I got my pendant as a gift from my wife and I have cherished it for a long time. This piece of masonic jewelry is very special to me and I look forward to wearing it often.