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While there probably are some actual stone-workers who are Masons, Masonry does not teach it’s membership the literal techniques of stonework. Rather, it
takes the actual ‘operative’ work of Medieval Masons and uses it as an allegory
for moral development. Thus, the symbols of Masonry are the common tools that
were used by medieval stonemasons: the gavel, the rule, the compass, the square,
the level, etc. Each of these has a symbolic meaning in Masonry. For example,
Masons are said to meet ‘on the level’, meaning that all Masons are brothers,
regardless of social status, personal wealth, or office within the Lodge or in
the world at large. Similar symbolism exists for other tools.

The All-Seeing Eye is an important symbol of the Supreme borrowed by the Freemasons from both the Hebrews and the Egyptians. It appears as though the all-seeing eye was selected as an organ as the symbol of the function which it is intended. Similarly, the foot was often adopted as the symbol of swiftness, the arm of strength, and the hand of fidelity.
The All-Seeing Eye could then be considered as a symbol of God manifested in his omnipresence and preserving character-to which Solomon alludes in the Book of Proverbs (xv, 3), where he says: “The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding (or, as in the Revised Version, keeping watch upon) the evil and the good.” It is a symbol of the Omnipresent Deity.