glucosamine for dogs amazon The Masonic Rings Were Passed Down to Me | Masonic Rings by Fox Jewelry

masonic ringThe rings I have in my personal collection all have different meanings. For example, my graduation ring is beautiful with emerald green, and it represents my school. It helps me recall the memories of my youth, both the good and the bad. But I also have rings that have been passed down for generations, such as ones that are Masonic. Those ones are extra special, because they have a lot of history.

To begin with, my father’s father was a very involved Mason. He did a lot of great things for the community. My father admired that, but he never got quite as involved as my grandfather did. He had other things on his mind at the time, such as my mother. So when the Masonic rings got passed down to me, it was a big deal to me. Those were my grandfather’s most prized possessions, and he thought I should have them.

So to this day, I keep those rings in a protective display box for safekeeping. They’re displayed in the main room of my house, near the other rings I’ve collected over time. They’re definitely the centerpiece of the room, because masonic rings have a certain grandeur that really shines.

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