glucosamine for dogs amazon A Freemasons Ring Was Always Something My Father Wanted | Masonic Rings by Fox Jewelry

2-freemasons-buildingIf I spend some time thinking back on it, I can remember my grandpa when I was little and how he always wore a masonic ring on his finger. Mostly I know that this is the case though since my father always used to talk about it. This was something that my father had been very proud of his father for having and because of this he always wanted to earn one of his own.

These different types of rings aren’t ones that you can just get because you want them though. My father had to actually join the freemasons and show some dedication to this organization and everything that they did. He was happy to eventually be able to join and to even be able to finally get his freemasons ring. It was an achievement that he was very proud of.

Due to all of the importance that my father put on this all of these years, I have found that I too am striving for the same level of success. I know that one day when I am able to wear a ring like this, I will be joining these other generations in achieving a wonderful goal we share.

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