glucosamine for dogs amazon A Freemasons’ Ring is a Special Item to Have | Masonic Rings by Fox Jewelry

3 masonic jewelryWhen I was looking through my dad’s old things, I was really surprised to find that there was a Freemasons’ ring tucked into the box of these items. My father had never really said much about being a Freemason and I didn’t really know that the organization meant anything to him. The idea of him being in this kind of an organization was something that I really liked.

I asked my mom about it to see if I could learn more and she started to talk about all of the things that he had done with the Freemasons. It was easy to tell that this organization had been something that was very important to my father just because of the way that my mother talked about it. Hearing about the things that he had told her was really very nice.

With this new information and the beautiful Freemasons’ ring, I felt that I was able to really know my father in a way that I hadn’t when I was growing up. It is great to be able to have this ring that I can cherish and use to remember him with on a regular basis. This ring is something that is just so special.

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