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The Masonic Apron

Author: Ringmaster


Essentially the Masonic Apron is the badge of honorable  labor.   The right to wear it is given only the most honorable of tried and trusted men.   Much has been written on these meanings of the symbol. As the apron of all sorts, sizes and colors was an  article of sacred investure in many of these, so is it in ours.  What is  truly important is the apron itself; what is less important is its size and  shape, its method of wearing.  Material and color are symbolic, but a  Freemasons may be – and has been many – “properly clothed” with a handkerchief  tucked about his middle, and it is common practice to make presentation aprons,  most elaborately designed and embellished, without using leather at all, let  alone lambskin. An example of the Masonic Apron can be found at Fox Jewelry.

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