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Masonic Ring

Author: Ringmaster

Masonic Ring, the all-telling sign of the Freemason. The Masonic Ring is the sign of Freemasons all over the world. Typically shown with the Compass and Square on the top of the Masonic Ring and the Plumb and Trowel on the sides of the shank of the Masonic Ring, the ring is normally worn on the third index finger next to the pinky finger on the right hand. There are several different opinions as to whether the points of the compass on the Masonic Ring should point toward or away from the wearer’s body. As of this date, the Grand Lodges have not made any rulings on this subject. Take one viewpoint for example. If you were to hang the American Flag, would you hang it with the stars at the bottom or top of the flag? Obviously you would fly the flag with the stars on top; therefore, the wearer of the Masonic Ring should wear the ring with the points of the compass and square pointing toward the wearer. Another viewpoint is that when the emblem of the Compass and square is displayed on a

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