glucosamine for dogs amazon Some More of the History of Freemasonry… | Masonic Rings by Fox Jewelry


As I become more involved in the study of Freemasonry, I think that it is fascinating to delve into the history of this grand fraternity. Although some Masonic brothers may take the ritual to be historical truth, there are no true Masonic authorities who give any credence to an actual organization of Masons in ancient times. What is known is that there were fraternal organizations of the ancient world, both among the pagans and among the Hebrews. In the former case, the organizations were generally connected with the so-called mysteries, of which the Eleusinian Mysteries that were among the best known.hat were celebrated until 395 AD when the walls of the sanctuary in Eleusis were breeched b Alaric’s hordes. For millennia before that, thousands of Initiates received a mystical experience. Revealing the Mysteries was considered punishable by death.The most prominent example of the latter is the group known as the Pharisees. Many examples of Masonic Rings can be found at Fox Jewelry.

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