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Open or Solid Back Masonic RingI am often asked; what is the difference between an open and a closed back or solid back Masonic ring and which is my preference in the Masonic Rings that we sell.

This is probably one of the most asked questions that I receive. It seems simple to answer but it is difficult to explain.
It is probably easiest to begin by having explanation of the difference.
I know that you have all seen an open back ring. In an open back Masonic ring; that has a stone in it such as the blue spinel, black onyx, or synthetic ruby, you can actually see the back of the stone when you look at the inside of the ring. In an open back ring that does not have a stone in it, there is a void behind the head of the ring.

In a closed back or solid back Masonic ring, the void behind the stone or behind the head of the ring is filled in with gold (in a quality ring such as the ones we sell). The inside of the ring will be completely filled in with gold and will be smooth all the way around the inside of the ring much like a wedding ring. In some of the lesser expensive Masonic rings or other fraternal jewelry, the void behind the ring is sometimes filled in with another alloy such as lead or silver. Adding a different alloy other than gold to fill in the back of the ring serves the same purpose, just don’t get tricked into believing that you are purchasing a solid back ring that is filled in with gold.

My preference is a solid back ring. In my opinion, they are more comfortable to wear, are a bit heavier, stronger and more durable than an open back ring. We have all seen rings that are bent out of shape. Chances are that it was not a solid back ring. They are also easier to keep clean as an open back ring tends to collect soap scum, dust and other material. If you are a person that tends to work with their hands in an environment whereby the ring is going to be subject to the above, I would definitely recommend the solid back or closed back ring. The ring is going to withstand the test of time and be around a lot longer than the open back ring.

Of course there is a catch to everything; therefore the next question. Do you have budget constraints? Of course we all do; so at the end of the day, that will probably be the deciding factor. I will tell you one thing; however, if your budget allows either to have a 14K gold Masonic ring or a solid back ring, I would forego the 14K gold ring and go with a solid back ring.
I hope that I have been able to answer your questions and hope that when you are in the market for a quality Masonic ring or other Fraternal rings you keep in mind foxjewelry  when making your selection. If you have additional questions, please feel free to email me at: [email protected] or call me at 712-239-6155.

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