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This article is written by Robert Fox, Owner of Fox Jewelry and the  leading markeMasonic Ringster of Masonic Rings and other Masonic Jewelry.

I get many requests for white gold to be used in making our Masonic rings and other Masonic jewelry. Of all the metals used for making jewelry, gold has been one of the most popular because it does not lose its brilliance or luster over time when cared for properly. There are a lot of  Masons that prefer white gold, silver or platinum be used in their Masonic rings because it is more subtle than yellow gold and is a good alternative to be used for fine jewelry. Since platinum is very expensive, white gold has become increasingly more popular. Most people do not realize that pure gold is almost never made into jewelry because it is too soft and would bend and break very easily when handling. There is no such thing as white gold that is a pure substance. Instead, there are alloys of gold that can be white. Normally these alloys will contain Palladium, Nickel, Silver or Manganese.

Almost all commercially available gold jewelry is a gold alloy made up of a combination of additional alloys. The term Karat also referred to as K as in 10K or 14K is used to express the purity of gold. The purest of gold is 24K or 24 Karats. White gold metal is an alloy of nickel, manganese, silver or palladium and gold.

Initially, nickel was the metal of choice for alloying with yellow gold to make white gold. This is not done as often now because many wearers of white gold were found to be allergic to the nickel used in the process.

Nowadays, palladium is increasingly used in white gold. For the Mason or wearer who prefers the more subtle look of platinum, white gold is a much more affordable choice and white gold is becoming a very popular choice for men and women in their choice of Masonic rings and other Masonic jewelry as well as wedding and engagement rings. Often times Rhodium is used to give white gold a platinum look. The addition of other alloys with the yellow gold makes it harder and more durable. Typically, the mixture is 90% yellow gold and 10% other alloys.

I hope that I have answered your questions with the above explanation of white gold and why it so popular amongst Masons and other wearers of fraternal jewelry. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

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