glucosamine for dogs amazon Learning by Degrees 22 Degree Prince of Libanus “Knight of the Royal Axe” | Masonic Rings by Fox Jewelry


“Masonry has always taught that work was honorable; only idleness was contemptible. Masonry teaches the concept that all work is honorable. The inventor or writer who labors with this mind is neither more nor less respectable than the day-laborer who works with hand and back. It has been said that a society which honors its philosophers while sneering at is plumbers will soon discover that neither its pipe nor its ideas will hold water. Work should not be regarded as a curse but a blessing. To be able to work, to create something, whether it is a poem, a piston, or a pot roast is a priceless privilege in which God alows us to participate in His creative nature.”

Taken from the Valley of Sioux City Newsletter, Winter 2008

The 22nd Degree Prince of Libanus is a degree in the Scottish Rite. Being a member of the Scottish Rite allows a member to wear a Scottish Rite Ring as shown on Fox Jewelry’s website.

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