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The Symbolism of the White Gloves in Freemasonry

This is an  Masonic Glovearticle written by Mike Fox, Owner Fox Jewelry, the leading marketer of Masonic Rings and other Masonic and Fraternal Jewelry.

The act of presenting with a title or with the robes and insignia of an office or rank; namely investiture, is very closely connected with the investiture of the apron and the consideration of the Masonic Apron. In some countries, it is the custom to present the newly-initiated candidate with a white leather apron but also with two pair of Masonic gloves. One pair of gloves is to be worn by the Mason and the other pair is to be given to his wife or to the women to whom he is to be married. The practice of giving one pair of the white gloves to the wife or his betrothed is still the custom in much of Europe but the custom has for the most part been given up here in the United States. The Masonic gloves given to the candidate are intended to remind him that the acts of a Mason. The acts should be as pure and as spotless as the gloves given to the new Mason. The white gloves are still used in the United States and are worn as part of the duties of the lodge and its processions. In most lodges the white gloves are worn by the Mason in addition to the white apron. The white Masonic apron and the white Masonic gloves are symbolic of the “pure heart” and the “pure hands”.

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