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rsz_1portrait_6a FacebookEvery day we continue to add photographs, comments, fleeting thoughts, emails, and events in our daily lives and those of others without thinking of backing it up somewhere else. Part of this is because we trust the cloud as something that is reliable and will never go away. We take for granted that It is something too big to fail. After all, it’s not breakable like our laptops and smartphones. You can’t drop Google in the ocean or swimming pool by mistake. There is also the possibility that our social media could go away. It is certainly not unthinkable. Think of how many have come and gone over the last decade. Wouldn’t it be terrible to lose all of those memories? Aside from keeping files for backup, there are plenty of other reasons to download your digital life. For one, it’s handy to have it stored locally, so you can still find a friend’s address even if you’re not online. These archives can even give us a glimpse of what we look like to the rest of the Internet: What happens when we remove all the ads and everyone else’s chatter, leaving just our own information?
Here’s a quick overview of how to download your Facebook page.
Once you’re logged on to your account, find the little down-pointing arrow at the top-right corner and click Settings. On that page (General Account Settings), there’s a single line of text that says “Download a copy of your Facebook data”. Click that, and hit the Start My Archive button. Eventually, you’ll get an email with a link to a downloadable .zip file. Inside the .zip file, open “index.htm” to unfold an ad-free, easily navigable version of your profile. You’ll get the stuff you expected: your profile, your statuses, and your messages. All your photos and videos and their associated metadata as well as all your events and friends, even pending and deleted ones.
Then there’s the crazy stuff that you know they’re collecting but would rather not think about. Like the time, location, and the IP address of every time you’ve logged on and off. Keywords they use to target ads at you. Your credit card info, if you’ve ever used it on the site. And your facial recognition data, described in three cryptic “threshold” numbers.
Don’t risk losing all of this very valuable information. Take the time to do this now. There is no better time than the present to do so.
I know that I have strayed a bit away from the reason for this blog but I feel that there are a lot of us that were not aware of how easy it is to download this information.

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