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Article written by Mike Fox, owner of Fox Jewelry; the leading marketer of Masonic Rings and other fraternal rings.

rsz_1portrait_6a FacebookAs a Mason, we have all been asked the following questions; I will try my best to answer those questions.

The Requirements of Being a Freemason.
The only thing required of a Mason is that they be good men and true; that they be men of honor and honesty. Regardless of their personal opinions on many of the subjects that may be controversial, they should meet as brothers and friends.

Masonry a Secret Society?
Freemasonry is not a secret society. There is no secret about any of its aims or principles. Its constitutions and rules are published and are available to the public. All Freemasons are free to acknowledge their membership and will do so in response to inquiries for respectable reasons.

Is Freemasonry a Religion?
No. Freemasonry is not a religion and promotes no religion. Freemasonry offers no sacraments nor does it claim to lead to salvation by any definition. Freemasonry believes that men of all faiths can dwell together in peace. Freemasonry requires its members to believe in God by whatever He is known by that individual, but will not dictate those beliefs except insofar as they coincide with the teachings of Freemasonry. The teachings of Freemasonry are built on the virtues of Faith, Hope, Brotherly Love, Charity, Relief and Truth. The “search for light” that is found in Freemasonry is a reference to a quest for knowledge, not necessarily salvation.

Is Masonry Against Religion?
No. Freemasonry is far from indifferent to religion. Without interfering in religious practice, Masonry expects each of its members to follow their own faith and beliefs, and to place above all other duties their duty to God by whatever name He is known to that individual. Masonry’s moral teachings are acceptable to all religions. Freemasonry is a supporter of religion.

This article was written by Mike Fox, owner of Fox Jewelry. They are the leading marketer of Masonic Rings and have the largest of selection of Masonic Rings anywhere. We welcome your visit our online store at: Fox Jewelry. Feel free to contact us at 712-239-6155 or email us at: [email protected] or [email protected].
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