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rsz_1portrait_6a FacebookThis article was written by Michael Fox, owner of Fox Jewelry, a business dedicated to the sale of Masonic RingsMasonic accessories and other fraternal jewelry. Fox Jewelry offers the largest selection of Masonic Rings and other Masonic Jewelry anywhere.

 This is the Yod, which is the symbol for the Lodge of Perfection within the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.  Scottish Rite Freemasonry degrees are advanced Freemason degrees (in the United States) which a Freemason may choose to attain once he has obtained his Master Mason degree. Scottish Rite YodIt includes the 4th thru the 14th degrees of the Scottish Rite. The squiggly line that looks like a flame is not English and is the symbol of the Hebrew letter Yod, which is the first letter of the sacred name of the Supreme Being YHWH- one of the Hebrew names for G-d. Each of the four letters represent different tenses of the verb “to be”. HVH- to be, HYH- was, YHYH- will be. The name of YHWH “Yahway”, also pronounced as “Jehovah”. The “J” is pronounced as a “Y” which would be “Ye-Ho-Vah”. YHWH is written in Hebrew in The Dead Sea Scrolls and is used approximately 7000 times in the Bible,…more than any other name for God. Therefore,”God has always been, is now, and will always be”.
The Supreme Being was, is and will always be at the heart of Freemasonry and a part of our Masonic symbolism.

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