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“So Mote It Be”

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The Freemasons always end their prayers with “So Mote It Be” What does it mean and why do they do it?
Typically in English, prayers are ended with the word “Amen”. Amen is actually a Latin word meaning “So Be It” or “So May It Be”. Amen is a declaration of affirmation that is found in the New Testament and Hebrew Bible. It has been since adopted into Christian worship and is used at the end of hymns and prayers.
In so far as why do Freemasons use it at the end of their prayers, the answer goes back to 1390AD. The term was used in the Regius Poem of 1390. The Regius Poem is the oldest known Masonic document and is currently on display in the British Museum in London.
It is one of the Old Charges used by Masons to regulate their trade as well as serving as a document to guide the rules of manners and moral conduct of the Freemasons. The Old Charges are documents handed down to the Freemasons from the 14th century. The documents are found in the form of handwritten documents on paper and parchment rolls having been sewn together or pasted and are stitched together in book form. Some of these documents date back to 1390 until 1714.
In keeping up with a 600 plus year tradition, the Freemasons end their prayers today in the same way they did clear back in 1390 by saying “So Mote It Be”.

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