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10K or 14K Masonic Rings

Author: Ringmaster

10K or 14K Masonic Rings; which is better?

Fox Jewelry always stamps the inside of their Masonic rings and other fraternal jewelry with 10K or 14K. A K stamped on the inside of a piece of a gold ring indicates the content of the gold by which the ring was made. Most gold watches, rings and other gold jewelry have the number 10K or 14K stamped on the inside. For your information please see the information below that tells you the content of gold in your item depending upon the K stamped inside the piece of jewelry.

14K gold is 100% pure gold
18K gold is 75% gold
14K gold is 58.3% gold
12K gold is 50.% gold
10K gold is 41.7% gold

22K gold is 91.7% gold

10K gold Masonic Rings are typically harder and more scratch resistant than a 14K Masonic Ring. That is because a 10K Masonic Ring has less gold and other alloys added to the gold mix that are harder than gold and therefore; more durable.

Fox Jewelry does sell gold jewelry and has a full line of 10K or 14K gold Masonic rings and other fraternal rings. We invite you to visit our store at: or call us at 712-251-8053. Email us at: [email protected]

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