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What is the significance of the blue stone in a Blue Lodge Masonic Ring?

In Freemasonry, the Blue Lodge represents the initial three levels of Masonry; the Entered Apprentice, the Journeyman and Master Mason. The expression “Blue” in Blue Lodge doesn’t represent the shade of the actual Blue Lodge, yet rather to the conventional variety related withBlue Lodges overall. Blue Lodges are the groundwork of Masonic associations, and the blue stone in a Masonic Blue Lodge Ring frequently holds representative importance.

The blue stone, generally a blue spinel or blue lapis lazuli, is in many cases set in the focal point of the Masonic ring. Typically inlaid into the stone is a gold Compass and Square. The blue stone is symbolic, addressing the representative tone related to the Blue Lodge. Blue is viewed as a hallowed and representative variety in Freemasonry, frequently addressing constancy, devotion, and truth.

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