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The Enigma of the Illuminati.

Author: Ringmaster

Contrarily, a lot of conspiracy theories have been made about the Illuminati, a hidden society. The founding of the Illuminati dates back to the late 1700s, when Adam Weishaupt, a scholar from Bavaria, established the organization. Weishaupt sought to subvert the power of political and ecclesiastical elites and advance Enlightenment principles. 
The Illuminati claimed to be working for the abolition of superstition, the advancement of reason and science, and the creation of a new global order centered on freedom and equality. However, the exact goals and actions of the Illuminati are still mostly unknown because of the group’s covert nature and the government’s persecution of it. #masonicrings #masonrings #bluelodgering #mastermasonring, 712-251-8053 [email protected]

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