glucosamine for dogs amazon A Freemason’s Ring is Very Symbolic and Important | Masonic Rings by Fox Jewelry

freemasons ring 5-18-16When my father died, I was the one who ended up going through all of the belongings that he left behind on this earth. It was very hard boxing up all of his treasures and trying to find places where they would actually be needed or wanted. I had a hard time actually finding somewhere that would take a lot of the items that were in his home.

When I was cleaning his house, I happened to come across an old ring that he owned when he was living. I had seen the ring many times, but I was still really surprised when I came across it because I had not expected to see it there. The ring is a really stunning freemason’s ring that I know my father wore often and kept close to him for much of his life.

After asking others in the family if they minded, I ended up keeping this ring. I feel great having this ring because I feel like the ring is really a close connection to my father. I know that the ring was very symbolic and important to him so I am happy to be able to have it. Maybe one day I will be a mason just like my father was.

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