glucosamine for dogs amazon My Masonic Rings Mean a Lot to Me | Masonic Rings by Fox Jewelry

1 masonic ringsHaving a Mason as a father made me really want to become one. When I was a kid, I likes hearing about how Masons changed the world for the better. And as I got older, I decided to join a group to see what it was all about. And honestly, I’m really glad I did. I really did make my father proud, and I’m glad I was able to be a part of so many community projects to better shape the community around us.

I hope other little boys will be as influenced as I was to join the Masons. I like wearing my Masonic rings proudly, because they really symbolize a lot for me. They symbolize what I am as a person, and they help show my beliefs and ideals to the world. I think my rings definitely show what kind of person I am to people, even before they get to know me.

I’m just glad I was a part of the Masons. I now have a son that’s a part of the group as well, and it’s amazing to see the family all growing up in the same way. I think it’s great that our family is so stuck to tradition that it helps us stand tall and with stability.

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