glucosamine for dogs amazon If Isn’t a Religion, Why Does Masonry Use Ritual? | Masonic Rings by Fox Jewelry


Often times we think of religion when we think of ritual, but ritual is used in every day life. It’s so much a part of us that we just don’t notice it. Ritual simply means doing things routinely the same way each time.

Many times school assemblies start with the principal or some other official calling for the attention of the group. Then the group is led in the Pledge of Allegiance.That’s a ritual.

Most groups use Robert’s Rules of Order to conduct a meeting. That’s probably the best-known book of ritual in the world.

There are social rituals which tell us how to meet people (we shake hands), how to join a conversation (we wait for a pause, and then speak. These are just examples of rituals that we use in every day life.

Masonry uses a ritual because it’s an effective way to teach important ideas. Masonry’s ritual is very rich because it is so old. It has developed over centuries to contain some beautiful language and ideas expressed in symbols. But there’s nothing unusual in using ritual. All of us do it every day.

There is a ritual performed when becoming a Master Mason. Sometimes part of that ritual may be presenting the new Master Mason with a Master Masonic Ring.

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