glucosamine for dogs amazon The Significance of the Compass and Square | Masonic Rings by Fox Jewelry


The square and compasses are pehaps the oldest, the simplest, and the most universal symbols of freemasonry. All the world over, whether as a sign on a building, or a badge worn by a Brother, most everyone knows the compass and square to be emblems of the ancient Craft. 

Nearly everywhere in our ritual, as in the public mind, the square and compasses are seen together. If not interlocked, they are seldom far found apart.

So, among speculative masons, the  try-square has always been a symbol of mortality, portraying the basic rightness which must be the test of every act and the foundation of character and society. From the beginning of the revival in 1717 this was made plain in the teaching of masonry, by the fact that the Holy Bible was placed upon the altar, along with the square and compasses. In one of the earliest catechisms of the Craft,  the question is asked: “How many make a lodge?” The answer is specific and unmistakable: “God and the square, with five or seven right or perfect masons.” God and the square, religion and morality, must be present in every lodge as its ruling lights, or it fails of being a just and truly constituted lodge. In all lands, in all rites where masonry is true to itself, the square is a symbol of righteousness, and is applied in the light of faith in God.

The compass and square are most always found on the 3rd degree Masonic ring, also known as the Blue Lodge Masonic Ring or Master Mason’s Ring.

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