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Lions Paw 1 “MA-HA-BONE”


 Article written by Mike Fox, owner of Fox Jewelry; the leading marketer of Masonic   Rings and other fraternal rings.

An important form found among Freemasons would be the “Lion’s Paw,” or grip formed by placing the  fingers in the form of a cat’s paw.  The Freemason is introduced to the symbolism of the  lion’s paw during the Master Masons degree. “By the strong Grip Lion’s Paw, he is raised again to a new life”. The Mason firmly grasps the right hand of a fellow Mason. The thumbs of both hands are interlaced. The first Mason presses the tops of his fingers on the wrist of the fellow Mason where it unites with the hand. The fellow Mason at the same time presses his fingers against the corresponding part of the first Mason’s hand and the fingers of each are somewhat apart. This grip is also called the Strong Grip of the Master Mason or the Lion’s Paw. Instruction for this grip is given right after the candidate has been “raised”. This grip, along with its attendant reference to the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, has significance in several respects, both legendary and allegorical. Its message of transition and everlasting life are a critical portion of Third Degree.  Being a symbol, the lion has long been a favorite subject prior to the Christian era as well as throughout the Middle Ages. As a result, there is some confusion regarding its symbolism in Freemasonry. The lion has in all times been noted as symbol of strength and sovereignty. The “King of the Beasts,” whose mighty roar brought fear to the hearts of all, was known and respect by many ancient cultures. The lion’s head and mane were placed on many Egyptian hieroglyphs, idols, in addition to the famous Sphinx, recognizing this animal as the ruler of the animal kingdom. Having the “heart of a lion” was, and still is today, deemed an acknowledgment of strength and character. Medieval knights adorned their shields and coats of arms with representations of lions, lion’s heads, manes, and paws. Richard, the Lion Hearted, and his awesome famous shield of three lions are well documented, both in history and legend, signifying his sovereignty over England.

This article was written by Mike Fox, owner of Fox Jewelry. They are the leading marketer of Masonic Rings and have the largest of selection of Masonic Rings anywhere in the world! We welcome your visit our online store at: Fox Jewelry. Feel free to contact us at 712-239-6155 or email us at: [email protected].

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