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Article written by Mike Fox, owner of Fox Jewelry; the leading marketer of Masonic Rings and other fraternal rings.

Once a man has applied for Masonic membership and has been thoroughly investigated, the lodge members vote by secret ballot to admit or to reject the candidate for membership. Masonry’s secret ballot is yet another of its ancient customs. It has been stated that when a candidate is voted upon for Masonic membership, he undergoes the “Ordeal of the Secret Ballot”. To become elected into the lodge and Freemasonry, the applicant must receive an affirmative vote from every member present at the meeting. It only takes one member out of all present to drop the black cube and deny membership to the prospective candidate. Using the moral yardstick by which Masons measure a potential member and the memberships ability to reject a petitioner, it would be seem reasonable to assume that many candidates would be rejected for membership; however, many more candidates are elected than are rejected. This is testimony to the good judgment of the members who recommend applicants, and it also suggests that the fraternity, more often than not, attracts good men. Much has been said and written concerning the secret ballot. Some argue, not without reason, that it is not fair for just one member out of all individuals who may be present at a meeting to have the option to deny a petitioner membership. Others argue, also correctly, that if even one member knows something negative in regards to a petitioner, then that one member ought to have the right and the opportunity to prevent the entrance into Freemasonry of one he feels would bring discredit to it. There isn’t any doubt that the secret ballot is occasionally abused by a member who rejects a petitioner for merely insignificant reasons having very little to do with the man’s moral fitness, but such instances are rare and in almost every election the good man is elected to membership. Additionally it is undeniable that despite the requirements as to recommendation, regarding background investigation, and as to unanimous secret ballot, an occasional undesirable person attains Masonic membership. Again these instances are relatively uncommon. It should be remembered that if a member ever acts contrary to the rules and regulations of Freemasonry, he can be suspended or expelled from membership.

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