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A Bit of History about the Knights Templar and Modern Day Banking.

As guardians of the pilgrims, the Knights Templar amassed extensive abundance and influence, getting gifts of land, cash, and different resources from aristocrats and rulers across Europe. Their broad organization of preceptories and commanderies traversed various nations, driving them into the business of banking and money. One of the Knights’ most huge commitments to the improvement of banking was the production of the letter of credit, permitting their countrymen to store their resources at a Knight Templar preceptory and pull out reserves identical to the kept sum.

Nonetheless, their monetary exercises ultimately got under the skin of powerful figures inside Europe, prompting charges of heresy and misdoings. In 1307, Lord Philip IV of France, in coordination with Pope Clement V, sent off a rebellion against the Knights Templars. #KnightsTemplarRings #Masonicrings #masonicring #Bluelodgemasonicring #3rddegreemasonicring #3rddegreering

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