glucosamine for dogs amazon What Caused the Issues Between the Knights Templar and King Philip IV of France? | Masonic Rings by Fox Jewelry

The Templars were brought down as a result of serious accusations made by King Philip IV of France. The accusations encompassed heresy, corruption, and engaging in prohibited activities. In particular, the Knights Templar were charged with:

Spitting on the cross and rejecting Christ at initiation rituals.
Idolatry, which includes the devotion of the idol Baphomet.
Both sodomy and homosexuality.
Financial fraud and corruption.
Holding ceremonies in secret and outside the law.
Because King Philip IV owed the Templars money and wanted to take their wealth, it was widely thought that he had made up these charges. On Friday, October 13, 1307, the Templars were taken into custody. Under torture, a number of Templars made confessions to these allegations; however, they eventually recanted their admissions, stating they had been coerced. #masonicrings #masonring #3rddegreemasonicring #shrinering #scottishritering #33rddegreemasonicring

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